We started TATJACK for one reason- simplicity when deciding on our next tattoos.


We are believers that in the growing world of technology, there is no reason to make wrong decisions. Over our years of involvement in the maritime, business, and tattoo world we slowly discovered how behind-the-times the tattoo world can be when it comes to tech! So is it simplicity, or is it laziness? Well…we’ll let you decide once we get rolling together.


A recent statistic has surfaced as of 2017 that 1/4 of ALL Americans have a tattoo they regret, but why? What could possibly lead 25% of tattooed citizens to live with at least some degree of uncertainty as to whether they’d keep their tattoo- which, isn’t a tattoo supposed to be something you want for life?


TATJACK is a way for someone do personally connect with a tattoo artist or shop, and get their money’s worth worked out before they step foot in the door. It allows the artists to do their research on the client and vice versa. We want to be part of a world where regretting a tattoo is a thing of the past.


Full portfolios at the swipe of a finger, deposits paid at the push of a button, and transparency throughout the entire process to help ease anxiety, pressure, and uncertainty.

We can’t wait for you to experience our laziness…er…simple technology! :)



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