How to get a lot more money

walking right in your door?

Without surgery.

How to toot your own horn. Without blowing it. 
When you’re an artist promoting yourself is difficult. You have to brag - without seeming to brag. (Because bragging too much can blow it for you). You have to spend a lot of time trying to get the word out to potential customers and often you have to spend a lot of money preparing and running advertising. Which often doesn’t work. 

Sit back. TATJACK brings customers right to your door 
You don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again and you don’t have to try and convince people that you are the artist they need. When they spot your entry in TATJACK, they convince themselves. Because they can see your bio, your work, your costs and your reviews, all at glance. So if they take it one step further and contact you, they’re not looky-loos anymore. They are serious potential customers. 

TATJACK Artist Registration is FREE 
It costs nothing to register on the TATJACK Directory. Suddenly your name and skills are in front of tattoo seekers from around your area, across the country and around the world. And your work will be on display to speak for itself to close the sale. 


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