Tattoos Honoring the Scientific, the Chemical, and the Periodic Table of Elements

Understanding the science beneath everyday existence is illuminating. Life begins with the most basic of elements—carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Even the molecular structure of chemicals—from water to serotonin to caffeine—can speak to us individually.


Marking your body with the essence of the scientific is almost a form of minimalism. With only black lines to indicate shape and structure and denote a possible Nitrogen here and there, all thats needed is what is there. Nature works that way. Science, in its essence, can almost be a form of prayer.


The secrecy of a molecular structure tattooed into your skin is certainly something of a conversation starter. Who knows the molecular shape of caffeine? Adrenaline? 

Lidocaine? Glucose? 

The oxytocin released from the brain when a hug is given?

Encouraging other people to ask what molecule means the most to you may not have been your intention, but if your scientific tattoo is in a noteworthy place where eyes can certainly examine its presence, be prepared to be peppered with questions. As humans, we are altogether curious individuals.


Even the Periodic Table of Elements, that tabular arrangement of chemical elements arranged by their atomic number and their electron configuration, is showing up on skin. If you have got the Periodic Table of Elements needled into your skin, you have got our official endorsement to use it if you need to on your next science test. While we are not condoners of outright cheating, if this table has become a part of your being, you might as well, right?


From breaking apart certain elements from gold (Au) to aligning elements like Scrabble words, (B) (Re) (At) (He), () which would be Boron, Rhenium, Astatine, and Helium, respectively, your body is

able to become one with the essences of the natural world and the scientific. Let your skin speak for itself. What chemicals can you be grateful for?


Keep in mind, these kind of a tattoos arent only for all of you science nerds out there. Were all curious. Were all interested in the activity beneath our skin, the bodys largest organ. Like we said earlier, the minimalists may find these kind of scientific tattoos get the message they want across without being too verbose.


Of course, the scientific doesnt have to be sequestered to only the biology and chemistry classrooms on campus. Science, as we all know, bleeds evenly into the natural world and affects every elemental structure of the world. Aleksandr Sitko combines chemical structures and weaves them among geometric polygons, animals, and detail that very much plays into the delicate nature and balance of the natural ecosystems were blessed to be a part of.



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