The Beauty of Botanical Tattoos

Though flowers, herbs, cacti, and succulents arent strictly feminine, artists have seen a rise in the number of plant-based beauties people want on their skin. However these flowers, herbs, and plants play into the individuals history, story, or reflect their own individual nature, we may never know. Some secrets are better left in the soil.


1. Diana Severinenko

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Diana Severinenko who hails from the Ukraine sees the beauty in distinctive details. Take these blackberries for example. Both thorny and reflective of the sun, berries like these that come to life on the skin take serious talent and a dedication to the mastery of tattooing that is entirely exquisite.


2. Michelle Gomez

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Bird of Paradise:

In Mexico, Michelle Gomez can translate real-life color and tattoo it directly onto the skin. From the muted pale pink of a rose to the vibrant hues of a bird of paradise, the images Gomez tattoos onto the skin shows her mastery of color matching, shading, pigmentation, and getting the natural world just right.


3. Cindy van Schie

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Forget Me Nots:

Cindy van Schie spends most of her time outdoors. Her botanical tattoos are based on a style of fine realism rooted in what she discovers when shes surrounded by nature. Van Schie is based in The Netherlands and her style is both feminine and delicate. Her colored poppies on a forearm elicit a sense of bravery, despite their solitude and the blue-blossomed, forget-me-nots of Scorpion grass are fragile, yet enduring. The old world plants evoke a strength, even though they look as if theyve just been plucked fresh from the soil.


4. Cyndi Lou


Bird Among Flowers: 

Cyndi Lou of Tsunami Tattoo in Portland, Maine, has a style that is completely her own. Her details seem to stem from a scientific manual someone lifted off a dusty shelf and had to reference after a half day of walking in the woods. This bird among the flowers with shaded leaves seems to be aware of something the rest of us dont know.


5. Pony Reinhardt Tattoo


Jaguar tattoo:

Owner of Tender Foot Studio located in Portland, Oregon, Reinhardt has a passion for the natural, supernatural, ethereal, sublime, and the interconnectedness of it all. Reinhardt focuses on combining fine art and exploring the complexities of the natural world. In one such example, an Andean condor flies overhead supervising a jaguar stalking a guanaco carcass above an ayahuasca vine growing from the very epicenter of a galaxy. Nature informs the cycle of life, and Reinhardt explores these themes in topics in her body work. From the beginning elements to the abundance of life to the final and ultimate frontier, these tattoos are an exploration of that final understanding we all know were connected to.



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