Why Minimal Tattoos are Making a (Small) Mark on the Industry ?

Just because a tattoo is small doesn’t mean it’s small-minded. While not all tattoos have a “meaning,” many minimal tattoos do, which is perhaps why they’ve become so popular over the last five years. From stencil-inspired stars on wrists to numbers and initials behind ears, minimal tattoos are popping up everywhere, and on people who wouldn’t necessarily strike you as “tattoo” people.

So why the buzz?

Minimal tattoos are popular for many reasons, but below are five of the most common “reasons why” behind these tiny treasures.

1.    More Affordable:

With larger tattoos easily racking up bills of over a thousand dollars, the smaller price tag that comes with minimal tattoos is attractive to many individuals, especially students on a budget or those who have different investment goals.

2.    Less Needle Time:

While some people actually claim to enjoy the feeling of getting a tattoo, it’s not for everyone. For many people interested in adding ink, the simple thought of the needle is enough to deter them. Minimal tattoos, because of their size and simplicity, promise a quick session, with some being done in just minutes.

3.    Easily Concealed:

It’s true that tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable, even at work, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to show them all the time. Because of their size and their ability to be placed in strategic locations, minimal tattoos are easily covered, even with things as simple as jewelry or socks.

4.    More Accessible:

The process required by most people to get a larger piece of tattoo work is long. From finding the perfect artist to rounds and rounds of design and then sitting on a waiting list or even traveling to their shop, it can take months, if not years, from start to finish. And, because larger pieces tend to require more detail and skill, it’s a smart idea to be very particular about who you work with. Although there are still factors to consider when getting any tattoo, a minimal tattoo tends to require less because of its simplicity. For many people, finding a reputable artist with an hour to spare is all it takes to get that perfect minimal tattoo.

5.    More Symbolic:

All tattoos, of course, can be symbolic. But, minimal tattoos lend themselves to being even more so thanks to their ability to pack a lot of punch in such a small space. A music note, a star, a bird, a number can all represent something (much) bigger than what meets the eye. And, for this reason, many people choose a minimalist tattoo in order to keep something special private. Initials, rather than an entire name, for example, might just be the perfect way to honor someone without having to always answer the question, “Who’s so and so?”



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