Privacy Policy

TatJack makes sure that all your personal information is kept confidential and remains within the jurisdiction of the sole authorities of the TatJack. By accessing our website, you agree that you will follow all the terms and conditions mentioned along with the terms of the privacy policy. However, in case you do not agree with any of the aspects mentioned below then do not access this website.


The TatJack and its sole authorities have the right to make amendments and changes in the privacy policy. It is an individual's responsibility to keep track of the terms mentioned under privacy policy in order to keep up with the new changes. Even if you access the website after the changes are made, you are still bound to them as you consent to all such changes by accessing and using our website.


Following aspects fall under the category of Privacy Policy that applies to every other customer who uses this website for its services or just for visiting purposes:


Personal Information

The personal information would be dependent on the information you provide to our artists. However, other data like your IP address and use of cookies may be identified by your computer once you access our website.


However, the artists have the sole authority to keep track of the information you mentioned, which would include your personal, financial or other forms of demographic information. Personal information is essential, as it will enable us to communicate with you after you have used our services. The personal information can also allow us to share our promotional campaigns and discount offers with you. Thus enabling you to utilize our discount offers for your own benefit.


The information that is disclosed to us is not given to any other third party. However, the third party might be someone who is handling our financial and other forms of operations therefore in that case only your information might be disclosed to them. Moreover, the TatJack reserves the right to disclose your information if it is required by the law or any other legal authority.


Moreover, your IP address is not used to locate you or to track your sessions. IP Address is used primarily to identify the city which uses our services more as it enables us to come up with useful deals for that particular region in order to expand our consumer base.


Cookies are often used by our website in order to enhance your experience on our website. As it will allow us to see that which pages of the website are most common amongst our target market, therefore, we would be able to devise effective strategies in order to improve our services on that particular page. However, if you do not want to accept cookies and you prefer to disable them, then you can continue to do so. However, it might have an impact on your overall experience of the website. 



The use of the website by people belonging to 17 years or less of age is strictly prohibited. Therefore individuals who are 18 years of age are advised to use the website. The information given would be used to verify your age; thus, the fraudulent information should not be used, as it would result in strict actions.



The information given to us is highly confidential, and we make sure that it is disclosed only to concerned authorities. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology is used to make sure that your information is kept safe and secure in order to help safeguard your account against any form of misuse and loss.


However, if we were not able to maintain our security standards the concerned customer or individual would be notified.


TatJack may be linked to other websites that are not maintained by Tatjack itself. Each website has its own rules and regulations regarding its privacy policy; therefore, every customer should read their privacy policy once before disclosing any type of personal information. If in any case personal information is disclosed any it results in a loss, then the authorities of TatJack would not be held responsible as it was mainly due to the customer's negligence.



In the case of a dispute between the customer and the professional team member, the dispute would be resolved through proper dispute resolution mechanisms. Therefore it is advised that customers should not take strict legal actions or any other form of actions before they consult and talk to relevant authorities.


Use of Website

TatJack provides enough interactive areas that promote participation by its users. However, all users are advised to follow all the rules and regulations mentioned in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as the website would not be held accountable if any loss occurs.


The content shared on bulletin boards and chat rooms are the sole responsibility of the customers themselves. They should make sure that personal information or any other form of discriminatory remark regarding the other customers or regarding the website should not be passed. In case, they indulge in such activities they would be subjected to severe prosecution by the federal or the state laws.


All the elements as mentioned above should be read carefully as the website would not be held responsible if any loss occurs due to an incomplete knowledge regarding the privacy policy or the terms and conditions of using the website and its services. 



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