Terms And Conditions

In Order to avail the services offered by TatJack, customers should know the services provided by us along with the terms and conditions, which would be followed, in order to ensure the quality of work. Every customer who uses our website is bound by the terms and conditions mentioned. In case, if anyone of you does not agree to the following terms and conditions then do not access or use this website to avail the services mentioned.


TatJack has all the right to make changes or amend the conditions mentioned according to the changing circumstances. The changes would be mentioned on the website. Therefore, everyone should keep a record of the changes that are made in terms and conditions on their own. Tatjack will not be held responsible if a loss occurs due to incomplete knowledge of the changes mentioned on our website.


Intellectual Property Rights

All videos, images, graphics, photographs, etc. that are available on Tatjack are within its jurisdiction and are copyrighted by TatJack. Unauthorized use of the material available on Tatjack by a third party is strictly prohibited therefore failure to comply with the law mentioned, would result in penalties and prosecution. The material and information mentioned on Tatjack cannot be used for any other purpose unless and until consent has been given in written form by Tatjack.


Third Party Websites

The website is not linked to any third party websites and the links that are provided to other websites are done solely as a service for our visitors. Tatjack will be not be held responsible for any loss that comes through the use of any similar website or link claiming to be affiliated with Tatjack unless and until the authorities of TatJack approve it.

However, in case any website is interested in linking their website to our site then they should come up with a link that points directly towards our original webpage i.e., www.tatjack.com. Moreover, the link established should not create false information regarding Tatjack that aims at spoiling our name within the market.



The parties or customers who wish to visit our website do not need any sorts of registration. They can view the website just be typing in our URL in the search bar. However, customers who wish to avail our services need to create a password-protected account, which will link them to us and they would be able to use our services. By creating your account on our website, you accept all the conditions mentioned under Terms and Conditions and privacy policy and therefore you should follow them. Failure to do so would result in permanent cancellation of the account along with legal penalties and prosecution.


In order to create your account, you need to submit your name and your email id. The email id should belong to the person who is creating an account on our page. Moreover, after giving all the relevant information that our websites ask from you, you are required to come up with a password for your account.


Before individuals register on our website they need to be aware of the fact that only customers who are 18 and above can purchase our services. Any customer below the age of 18 is not allowed to use the services mentioned. By accepting the terms and conditions mentioned every customer agrees that they are 18 and above and that all the information that you submit is accurate. However, in case we find out that the information provided is incorrect and does not comply with the rules and regulations mentioned under the federal as well as state laws, then your account would be terminated.


Password security

The customers have the responsibility of protecting the password of their account. Whatever activity is conducted on your account on through your account, you would be held responsible. TatJack would not be held responsible for any losses or any sort of unauthorized use of your account.


Policies that Customers should bear in mind:

• Every customer should follow the policies mentioned and should keep them in mind. Every individual should comply with the laws mentioned:

• The user or the visitor of this website will not use or replicate the information mentioned on this website for any other purposes.

• No modification or alteration should be done related to the content mentioned on the website.

• Automated systems like robot etc., should not be used to access or use this website.

• Customers or users will not post any false or misleading information on the website.

• The provisions mentioned under the terms and conditions of the website should not be violated.

• All payments should be made on time based on the services used. Failure to do so would result in penalties.

If the user violates any of the above-mentioned clauses, then the sole authorities of the website have all the rights to terminate the use of website for that particular customer or member.



Customers who use the website will be invited to provide feedback regarding the services used. However, the feedback should be used mainly for coming up with a good judgment. Use of feedback to post threatening, negative or impartial comments should be avoided. The website has the authority to determine whether Feedback is appropriate or not. If feedback is threatening and violates the standards of the website, it would not be posted on the testimonials page and the account privileges would also be limited.


Fee Policy and Structure

People who view the professional profiles of our team are generally free for the people; however, if you select a service then you would be charged accordingly. The process can vary between the services used and the fee policy can change with time. Therefore customers should be aware of the latest fee structure in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

The customers are advised to pay the fees in advance, which would be determined by the professional member himself. If your credit card or any other mode of payment cannot be used, then your selected service would be suspended.

Customers can cancel services 48 hours before your appointment in order to get a full refund of the payment made. In case the cancellation is not made on time the services would be declared as final and no payment would be refunded to the client.


Disputes between bodies of Communication

The interactions of the client and the team member would be based on the services that are being used. For instance, if the clients want Henna services then the professional head of that department would deal with the client directly. Therefore, customers should make sure that the person they are dealing with is authentic before they proceed to the next step of creating an online or offline transaction. If in any case the person on the other end is a fraud and you suffer a loss then TatJack would not be held responsible.

It is a customer's own personal decision to choose their artist; therefore they would be held responsible.

In case a dispute arises between you or the artist that is being used to provide you with services then dispute resolution mechanism would be used, i.e., with a neutral and highly cost effective means the dispute would be resolved between the two. Customers are advised that before they resort to any form of legal action, they should contact us and inform us about the dispute. Our team would take adequate measures and precautions to make sure that the conflict is resolved as soon as possible without any involvement of the legal authorities. The dispute is most likely to be resolved through different types of alternative dispute resolution procedures and mechanisms like mediation, arbitration, etc.



All the work shown on the website belongs to the professional experts themselves. However, in case a customer believes that his/her work has been replicated on our website then they have to provide the expert with the information that explains that copyright conditions has been violated. The documents should consist of the copyrighted work that you claim have been infringed. Moreover, for future reference and contact you need to provide the expert with your address, telephone number and email address. 


Limitations of Liability

The customers should bear in mind that the team working under TatJack would not be held responsible for any incidental, punitive or consequential damage. If in any case your website is affected by any virus that may be transmitted through clicking on different ads, the website and its authorities would not be held responsible.

All the terms and conditions mentioned in the above document are legally binding on all the clients who visit our website. Every customer is required to print a copy of the agreement made between the client and the service expert for future reference and in order to avoid any forms of confusion. Every customer or a visitor should follow the rules and regulations mentioned under the terms and conditions. Failure to do so would result in penalties and severe cases of violence would result in prosecution to its full extent according to the state and federal laws. 



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